The name MS BANARAS signifies the Aura of 'Handloom industry' that surrounds the
ancient city of Benaras. MS BANARAS stands for three ideals Culture, Simplicity and
Elegance. As the name suggests we belong from benaras, the holiest city in India. The
cultural capital of India, has great historical and religious significance. The city is also
known as a Brocade Weaving center throughout the country.
Our Vision is to increase the popularity of Handloom products not only in India
but all across the world. Today, we see more youngsters wearing a saree than we
saw during our growing up years. With the Indian government taking more steps
towards promotion of handloom products, and the new found interest and
appreciation for the product among this generation, we will also look forward to add
more to the already glorious history of the craft.
MS BANARAS promises its family that we will try to bring a smile on your face
with our products. We promise we will neve...

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Modern Classics

We love traditional art, infused with a modern aesthetic sensibility. These products have a contemporary flavour, but will stand the test of time, like everything Banarasi.

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